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Single Mothers Rising & Thriving

The SMART Initiative

AWN Cares proudly presents the SMART (Single Mothers are Rising & Thriving) Initiative, a groundbreaking program designed to empower single mothers in low-moderate income communities. This nine-month program transcends traditional educational models, focusing on financial independence, personal growth, and building a supportive community network. SMART symbolizes a journey of transformation, marking the beginning of a new financial perspective, renewed mindset, and the emergence of a strong, empowered woman. The program's holistic approach encompasses practical hands-on training, engaging workshops, personalized assignments, and a variety of supportive resources. This comprehensive methodology is aimed at fostering substantial personal and community development, culminating in a graduation ceremony to celebrate participants' achievements and transformations.

Register for a SMART Information Session

Learn more about SMART and start your journey.  Complete the form below and you will be directed to register for the session that fits you.  All Information Sessions are virtual. 

Come to Our SMART Information Session

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