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The Red Dot Project strives to eradicate period poverty by uniting women globally, redefining menstruation stigma, providing resources, promoting wellness and empowering communities through sustainability projects and workshops.

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The Red Dot Bags Packing Parties allows volunteers to help pack Bags which are donated to organizations who service women and girls in need. 

Packing Parties are held 3 times per year. You can also volunteer to host a packing party at your business or with your organization or friends. 


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A significant part of the Red Dot Project is financial literacy. We are committed to financially empowering the community. 

If you are an organization who services women and girls and would like to host a financial workshop series, we will come out to facilitate and educate the participants.

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Our Dot Spot locations will be situated in the major cities of which we serve. Each location will accept supplies, serve as a pick-up location for residents in need, host events, workshops and Packing Parties.



  • 16.9 Million people who menstruate are living in poverty.

  • 2/3 of the 16.9M could not afford products in the past year. 1/2 needing to choose between menstrual products and food.

  • 59% of menstruating students say the rarely, if ever, find free products in the school restrooms.

  • 51% of people who menstruate have worn products longer than recommended.

  • Menstrual products are usually not covered by government assistance programs.

  • When menstruators use unhygienic alternatives, they are vulnerable to harmful physical and mental outcomes.

  • Stigma associates menstruation with uncleanliness and disgust which keeps people from talking about it, further perpetuating the crisis.

  • Shame also surrounds the experience of menstruating as a trans person. We must keep in mind that not all menstruators are women, and not all women menstruate.

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